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What Others Are Saying...

Who Is Angelina Kardash?

Angelina Kardash is a former corporate IT executive with over two decades of experience in Silicon Valley startups and large corporations. However, her success came at a price - a decade-long battle with health problems, intense stress, burnout, and fatigue.

A diagnosis of a debilitating autoimmune disease served as a wake-up call for Angelina to make significant changes in her lifestyle. Her journey led her to explore various aspects of health, including lifestyle medicine, behavioral sociology, and neuroscience.

Through her research and personal experience, Angelina learned to integrate evidence-based behavioral protocols into her life, which helped her reverse her autoimmune disease, improve her health, and reach her full potential.

Inspired by her passion for health and wellness, Angelina founded 5 Senses Optimal Health, a company committed to providing individuals with the necessary resources and tools to achieve their utmost physical and mental well-being.

As someone who understands the demands of a busy work schedule, Angelina is committed to helping professionals overcome premature aging, stress, fatigue, burnout, poor sleep quality, and weight gain by teaching powerful lifestyle solutions that optimize health and wellbeing.

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